Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fox Hunt

The latest issue of "Woodcarving Illustrated" was in my mail box today. I sat down to start reading about all the great carvers and projects and I found a blurb about the 'Fox Hunt'. If you find this microscopic woods dweller some place in the magazine you can enter for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from Fox Chapel Publishing.

In the last three hours I have done nothing but poor over every photo, advertisement and illustration looking for the Fox. All hopes of learning something new and admiring the craft of others that is light years beyond is lost. I must find the Fox! Why do people do things like this to other people? I have animals that need tended too. A wife and kids that need my attention as well, but no! I have to find the Fox!

I have a headache. The dogs snoring sounds like a freight train. My eyes are crossed and burning. I gave the magazine to my daughter she made it to page 53 before she was pulling her hair out. If there was a championship for "Where is Waldo?" she would surely be a shoe in. She tossed the magazine back to me saying she had to go do her chores.

What is wrong with me? Its just a chance at $25 not like I will win for sure, but still a chance. I must find the Fox!

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